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Dangerous Competition

Samuel and I were in a running competition, we were racing through the lush, tropical rain forest. Out of the blue, the earth fell beneath us and we hit the ground with a thud. We were in a secret underground… Continue Reading →

The cold ice

the man was speeing on cold ice. The man was raging like a bull.And then the car  started buming up and down do i get out and run?. Glum,he got the car. a large bear with black eyes in 1… Continue Reading →

Canadian rocky mountains

Stocky was in the deep fresh snow in the Canadian rocky mountains and then he saw a might polar bear. He started saying “Help!” in a whimpering voice. Then he began yelling my name, “CODY, Help! The polar bear is… Continue Reading →

enraged elephant

i was in the zoo the zoo was wild. All the animals were out of their cages then the enraged elephant delivered his speech the enraged elephant. Said we had enemies in our home he stomp his feet strongly said… Continue Reading →

lost gold ancient pyramid

i was searching through the dense tropical rain forest. I saw an abandoned lost gold ancient pyramid. So i cautiously crept in the lost gold ancient pyramid. There’s was lots of laying around. I was lighthearted and i was jumping… Continue Reading →

creepy cave

Tow days have passed since my friend entered the cave. He hasn’t returned. I decided to enter the cave. The cave is pitch black and smells like rotten flesh. I walk a step forward and BANG i hit my head… Continue Reading →

The Slippery Rocks

There was a dog running among lots of trees and rocks through the tall mountain range.  The dog started walking closer to the rocky edge of the mountain and he took the wrong step and slipped in and landed in… Continue Reading →

dirty dusty desert

a box and a Racoon were fighting in the endlass desert.they were fighting so fast they left fine dust behind them. the racoon got distracted by a motionless tarantula and the box was hiding behind a prickly cactus.the box ambushed… Continue Reading →

creepy house

Total darkness rose into the sky l looked my window.A mysterious shadow suddenly appeared in front of me, so l decided to follow it in the dark forest behind my house. I went deep into the forest when all of… Continue Reading →

deep dark woods

It was night we walker in the distance and we ended in the deep dark woods i could hear animals crawling through the bushes i could see trees and branches and it was cold.My body was shivering i didn’t know… Continue Reading →

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