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Mrs Pratt

the soccer finals

i was in the soccer finals and i was penalty and my team got all the goals and it was my time to take to the penalty. And my team was hoping on me to get the goal to win… Continue Reading →

good soccer game

I was playing against Apollo and the game started and then my team got the 1st goalĀ  and then we kick more and more goals and then I got my 1stĀ  goal of the game and then I got a… Continue Reading →

Flaming ball

Skillfully, the goal keeper, Flynn, stopped the ball. “SMASH THE BALL INTO THE CARS,” yelled Tyler to Gaynee in aggression at missing the goal. Will Gaynee smash the cars windows? The ball was as fast a cheater with orange flames…. Continue Reading →

deep dark woods

It was night we walker in the distance and we ended in the deep dark woods i could hear animals crawling through the bushes i could see trees and branches and it was cold.My body was shivering i didn’t know… Continue Reading →

Glazing moon

I was travelling to Port mac i arrived at the beach i was on a camp i started getting in to bed the sky was black and purple the moon was glazing through the sky i saw a curved tree… Continue Reading →

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